Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions that the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office gets most often from callers. If you have a question and you don’t see the answer, call us and we will be glad to answer it, or refer you to the proper agency.

How do I find out about Fire Bans and burn conditions?

 Call us at (719)438-5411. Every controlled fire in Kiowa County must be called in to this number. After hours you can contact our dispatch center at the Bent County Sheriff’s Office.

 Since the southeast portion of the state of Colorado has been experiencing drought for years, fire danger is quite high. From time to time there will be fire bans enacted throughout counties in the state, depending on fire danger due to seasonal conditions. Information on how a Fire Ban might limit fire activities can be found here. Since the Sheriff is the Kiowa County Fire Marshall, the Sheriff’s Office needs to be notified for every controlled burn, and most fires (bonfires, etc.). This information aids in deputy awareness of where burns are located so fire and law enforcement are not dispatched to non-emergency situations.

What’s the difference between Criminal and Civil cases?

While the Sheriff’s Office does handle civil paper services and some civil issues, it does not handle most civil matters like property disputes, property division (divorce), eviction (other than serving notices) etc. The easiest way to explain it would be, if there is some sort of a contract involved, verbal or otherwise, it’s a civil issue, and not a criminal issue where the Sheriff’s Office would become involved. It is not the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office to arbitrate in civil matters, and the Sheriff’s Office is barred by statute from providing legal advice. Likewise, the Sheriff’s Office if called to a civil matter for stand-by is there for public safety and is not there to assign which property belongs to which party.

If an offense is not covered by Colorado Revised Criminal or Traffic Statutes, or Town or County Ordinance it is not the purview of the Sheriff’s Office. If you contact the Sheriff’s Office and you are told it is a civil matter, you should either contact the court or an attorney about the issue.

Why does the Sheriff’s Office respond on ambulance calls?

 When fully staffed, members of the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office try to respond to most 911 calls in the county. The majority of emergency responders in Kiowa County are volunteers, as such there are occasions where enough emergency responders can’t make it to the scene. Members of the Sheriff’s Office  respond if not tied up on another call or scene to ensure that there are enough personnel on any emergency scene. Deputies assist volunteer emergency responders in coordinating fire fighting activities.

Does Kiowa County Offer Defensive Driving Courses for Driving Violations?

No Kiowa County is too small of a county to offer defensive driving courses as a deferment option for driving violations like many larger municipalities do. You may still qualify for a deferment without taking a driving course, but this would be based on your driving record. Whether or not you may qualify for a deferment is in the discretion of the court. If you have a good driving record you may qualify, if you would like to ask for a deferment you can contact the Kiowa County Courts  to discuss  eligibility. Fines and Surcharges generally still apply.

Can the Sheriff’s Office provide Criminal Background Checks and Driving Records to the Public?

No. Driving Records can be purchased through the Colorado Department of Revenue. The nearest locations to purchase a driving record in person is at Driver’s License Offices in Lamar, La Junta, or Cheyenne Wells.

Do I need a concealed weapons permit if I have a handgun in my home, automobile or business?

A person 18 years or older may lawfully possess a handgun in their home or business, as well as carry a handgun in their automobile. A handgun may be carried on their person as long as it is not concealed.


What is the protocol for Officer Involved Shootings?

An officer-involved shooting that results in injury or death shall be investigated by a multi-agency team not including the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office. The multi-agency team shall include at least one police or sheriff’s agency (preferably in the 15th Judicial District) or the District Attorney or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The Sheriff or an authorized designee shall ensure this protocol is posted on the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office website and is available to the public upon request (CRS 16-2.5-301).